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Payment Gateway

iFOREVER infotech > Payment Gateway

Honest & Transparent Pricing

2% + ₹3

per successful transaction

5% + ₹3 for selling digital goods

No IT Skills Required –

No need to learn coding. Works with or without website.

Bank-level Security –

128-bit SSL encryption. Payments processed on PCI-DSS compliant servers.

Instant Setup –

No physical documents required. Collect your first payment in 3 minutes.

Quick & Reliable transfers : Automatically receive money in your bank account (savings or current) within 3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers -

I don't have a PAN Card.
You need to have a PAN Card (personal/business) to be able to collect payments. Having said that, if you've applied for a PAN Card and don't have the number yet, drop us a mail at mail@iforeverinfotech.in.
Why do you need my bank details?
We need bank details to transfer your payments. The payments you collect are automatically transferred into your bank account in 3 business days.
Unable to verify my phone number.
If you aren't able to verify your phone number or if you didn't receive an OTP, please mail us at mail@iforeverinfotech.in and we'll be able to help you with it! Please note : We accept only Indian numbers for account verification. International numbers are not accepted. If your business is based out of India and you are operating it from abroad you can use an Indian counterparts phone number to verify your account.
Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents.
What is KYC? We have to protect our users and their customers from any kind of fraud. Know Your Customer documents basically help establish the identity of your business and helps us onboard you as a user, while mitigating any risk at the same time. Why is KYC needed? We need your KYC documents to verify your business and bank accounts to prevent fraud and to mitigate risk. Sample KYC Documents : 1. PAN Card. 2. Bank Statement.
Documents Needed.
To verify your account, you need to upload two documents : 1. A photo of your PAN card. 2. A Bank document that can be any of the following : A recent Bank Statement or the front page of your chequebook / passbook. Please note that the your address and the account number should be clearly visible.
KYC for NGOs.
You can collect donations online through us. The KYC process to collect donations differs slightly. We require digital copies of two additional documents to complete your KYC. 1. Audited Balance Sheet. 2. NGO Registration Certificate Our compliance team will reach out to you soon after you submit your KYC for these. If you’re looking to collect international donations for your organization, please keep these documents handy too: 1. FCRA Certification 2. A Bank document of the FCRA account that can be any of the following: A recent Bank Statement or Chequebook front / Passbook front page.
Verification Time.
How long does it take to verify my KYC documents? It takes a maximum of 2 business days to approve your account. In rare cases, it might take a little longer and we will intimate you earlier if that is the case. In case you want to get started with collecting payments urgently, you can send us a special request to verify your KYCs sooner at mail@iforeverinfotech.in stating the reason and urgency. If found viable, we will approve your account ASAP!
Not verified.
Why is my KYC not verified? We takes 2 working days to verify your account. If it's been more than 2 days, please reach out to us at mail@iforeverinfotech.in. In cases where there is an issue with the documents submitted, our team will reach out to you to upload the document again.
Account Suspended.
Why is my account suspended? We may suspend your account due to the following reasons : 1. Suspicious or fraudulent transactions. 2. You may be selling services or products which do not adhere to our terms of service. 3. In case you do not fulfill the service promised to your buyer. If your account was suspended because of any reasons other than mentioned above, please reach out to us at mail@iforeverinfotech.in.
KYC Rejected.
Why is my KYC rejected? We rejects your KYC if you do not adhere to the terms of service. Also, in case some fraudulent or suspicious activity is noticed on your account, then your account may get suspended or rejected and you would receive a notification from us stating the same.

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